Birthday Discount

It’s my birthday this week.

So I set up a discount code of 37% (yes, I’m old) on every item in my store, for one week, just put “birthdayforeveryone” at checkout. WordPress Themes, Universal Coppermine Theme, Affiliationally Plugin, everything. 

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Halloween Discount: dollar weeks!

Usually this page is in Euro, because I’m European. Because of Halloween arriving soon, I decided to make some “dollar weeks” so that you can buy the Affiliationally WordPress plugin in dollar until Halloween. This saves you at about 15-20%, depending on your living place and the daily conversion rate.

For using this Halloween “discount”, just order as usual. You just pay automatically in dollars instead Euro.

Psst…Fancrave members can save additional percents…

Affiliationally 1.4.6

There was a problem with the Affiliationally Script working on the servers of showing errors other servers ignored due to strict mode. So here’s an update to version 1.4.6 that should work on mysql set to strict mode, too.

The update is NOT mandatory, but if you want to upgrade, it is enough to replace add.php, index.php, functions.php and create.php.

Affiliationally 1.4.6

Easter Egg Hunt (up to 30% off)

Take part of the Easter Egg Hunt and save up to 30% on the Affiliationally WordPress Plugin!!! Just visit the Affiliationally WordPress plugin tutorial pages, find the three easter eggs and put the codes into the discount code field when you check out. Each egg will be 10% off. This will work till Easter Monday!

Instructions (install, import, use)

Affiliationally WP Shortcodes

Style Affiliationally WP

Happy Easter!



Affiliationally WP Shortcodes

This is, additionally to the shortcodes section in your WordPress affiliationally section, a detailed description with examples of the Affiliationally shortcodes you can use in your site. (more…)

Affiliationally WP instructions (install, import and use)

Here some detailed instructions on how to install, import and use the Affiliationally WP plugin


Style Affiliationally WP

CSS Tricks

You can add css code to your theme’s style.css to style the affiliate links in a certain way. These are just some examples of what is possible, and it depends on your theme’s css to get them working. (more…)

New Affiliationally Version 1.4

I added a new Affiliationally version. Please update immediately, because it contains also a security update. For update, do a backup of the old folder, unzip + upload the new folder, re-add the info to the config and re-add the images to the images folder (the new one also contains a htaccess file, so don’t just replace the whole folder!).

Download from the scripts page.