Affiliationally WP Shortcodes

This is, additionally to the shortcodes section in your WordPress affiliationally section, a detailed description with examples of the Affiliationally shortcodes you can use in your site.

Affiliationally WP Shortcodes

The affiliates are included by a shortcode on your affiliates page. Please create your affiliates and apply pages through the Add New Page menu at the place you want it and customize it to your needs, like add a nice introduction or rules to apply.

I have this category structure and use the default WordPress theme twentysixteen.


Apply Form

You can add an apply form. There is an Akismet spam protection added (if you have the Akismet plugin installed). You can include the form with adding this shortcode to your apply page:


This shows all categories.








With adding a category slug you can add a subcategory to display, like this:

[affiliationally_form category="general"]


If you want the affiliate to add their own button, you can enable image upload with this:

[affiliationally_form category="general" image_upload="true"]


And if you want an additional spam protection (or Akismet is not active), add this:

[affiliationally_form category="general" image_upload="true" antispam="true"]


Affiliates Page

You can include the affiliates with adding this shortcode to your affiliates page:



This shows all categories. With adding a category slug you can add a subcategory to display, like this:

[affiliationally category="general"]


You can style the shortcode to show images or text or dropdown or both (images and text). Default is text.

[affiliationally category="general" style="images"]


bildschirmfoto-2016-12-01-um-14-38-20This looks – obviously – really bad because not every affiliate has an image added. We can style that later with css, see the css tutorial.



Affiliates Page Extended

You can choose one of the four image sizes (default, elite, top, family). Default is “default”.

[affiliationally category="elite-affiliates" style="images" imagesize="elite"]


This looks again really bad because of the missing images. We make something beautiful out of it with css.

You can even show the description now (in style “text” or “both”)

[affiliationally category="regular-affiliates" style="both" description="true"]

Now we have images and text and a description. Whoa!


You can hide the empty categories (the headlines for them won’t show up)

[affiliationally category="regular-affiliates" hideempty="true"]

You can hide the category headlines so that all affiliates are shown at once.

(well I didn’t put an example here, cause it will show nothing but well hide…how to make a screenshot of hidden things)

[affiliationally category="general" headlines="no"]

See, actors, actresses, musicians are all mixed:


Or you can hide the parent category (for example Regular Affiliates with Subcategories Actors, Actresses and so on – this would hide the Regular Affiliates and just show Actors and Actresses.)

[affiliationally category="regular-affiliates" parent="no"]

Attention: Because the option headlines=”no” automatically displays these affiliates under the parent category, it is not possible to set also parent=”no”, or if won’t display any affiliates at all.

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