Affiliationally WP instructions (install, import and use)

Here some detailed instructions on how to install, import and use the Affiliationally WP plugin

To install Affiliationally WP, go to the Code page and buy the plugin (yep, sorry, I worked on this for over a year). You will get a zip folder to download.

Now, go to your WordPress installation to Plugins -> Add new. Chose upload plugin, find the file on your harddrive and click “install now”. Then, activate the plugin.

To make the plugin work, you first have to go to the Settings page and add the email address you bought the plugin with. Not your site admin mail, but the one you used for buying.


If you are switching from the old Affiliationally script, first thing would be to import the Affiliates. For this, go to Affiliates -> Import. Here, you can add the path to Affiliationally. It has to be on the same hosting account. Once the correct path was added, you will see a dropdown with the existing categories. You can chose all or – if you used the old script for multiple sites – just one category. Once chosen, it will import all subcategories and affiliates including their images. This may take a while. Depending on the number of your affiliates, it might take minutes. Wait, till you have the success message at the end!

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After import, the categories will have the old category ID added to the slug (the category won’t be imported if it already exists) and you might want to remove the number in the Categories section. If the categories are in the wrong order for you, you can solve this with the plugin Category Order and Taxonomy Terms Order. If you imported your general affiliates category, you might also want to move them to one parent general affiliates category before continuing to import Elite Affiliates.









Now you can add an Affiliates Page and an Apply form to the wished place. With these shortcodes you can make them show up. I wrote detailed instructions over here and you can find them anytime in your WordPress panel under Affiliates -> shortcodes.

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You can style it with adding css code to your theme’s style.css. I gave some examples over here (or in the shortcodes section).

You can also go to the Widgets and let your important categories show up in the sidebar.


Now you can go Add New Affiliates, Edit existing affiliates or wait till someone applies through your contact form.









If you set the email options to yes, you will get an email anytime someone applies. If not, you will still see the unapproved count in the WordPress Dashboard and the sidebar indicator.




Go to the affiliate’s edit page, review the affiliate and click “save” to approve the affiliate. If set in the settings (default yes), the affiliate will automatically get an approval email. There is also the option to send “thank you for your approval” emails.


If you want a fresh start, you can remove Categories, Affiliates or Link Buttons in the Affiliates -> uninstall section. If you adopt the site out, please remove your license email to not get suspended (for this you can run the Adopt out option in the uninstall section)


Happy Affiliating!






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