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It’s my birthday this week.

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Inspirationally WordPress Themes Instructions

Since June 2018, you can get some individual WordPress fansite themes, highly customizable, here at Here’s the list of features and installing instructions. Find instructions for the Inspirationally Universal Coppermine Theme here.


The Inspirationally Themes come with the following features:

  • Plug and Play: header image is already styled (no photoshop needed)
  • Fully responsive
  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • Dropdown Menus (most)
  • 3 Widget areas (top, sidebar, footer)
  • highly customisable
  • Navi either above title, above or below header image (not in all themes)
  • customizable main color
  • optional Coppermine gallery menu
  • social icons menu with Font Awesome icons and (optional) search box
  • featured images
  • automatic opening date, Privacy Policy and Hosting links in the footer
  • automatic updates
  • navigation menu stays at the top
  • optional styled Cookies Consent Popup
  • styled page navigation with the_posts_pagination()
  • compatible with the Inspirationally Universal Coppermine Theme,
    Coppermine style already included in the css.


As with every theme, go to your Appearance -> Themes section, upload the Zip and activate the theme.


Inspirationally Themes come with a lot of features to make you life as easy as possible. After activating the theme, go to your Appearance -> Customize section

Header Image

The header image will automatically get the right look for the theme. You don’t need photoshop! Just upload the image and after cropping it to the right size directly inside WordPress it’ll automatically change its look in the theme.

Theme Options and Colors

With choosing the main color you can make your theme as individual as possible. However, there are some suggestions to get a nice look already.

In some themes you can can also set the primary menu position to either the very top, above the header image or under the header image. 

the Gallery Menu will allow you to show or hide a Coppermine gallery menu in your main menu. Most important links will automatically be added. Do not forget to add the right gallery URL (without trailing slash)

Fansite options

These will for sure make your life easier. Here, in the Fansite options, you can do many many customisations.

  1. Social Media Menu: you can add all your URLs to Social Media sites here, show or hide the home button and search field, add an URL to the contact form. All these links will show up nicely in the Social Media menu with FontAwesome icons.
  2. Cookies Consent Popup: you can chose if a Cookie Consent by insites shall be shown in the bottom right, already with colors fitting the theme.
  3. Privacy Policy: the theme can link to your Privacy Policy page in the footer, if you set it under Settings -> Privacy. 
  4. Opening date: This will make sure you always have the right Copyright date in the footer.
  5. Hosting: you can optionally chose your fansite host and, if known, it will display the right DMCA and Privacy Policy links in the footer already.


All themes come with 3 widget sections. One at the top, one in the sidebar, one at the bottom.

Terms of use

Customize to your needs, as long as the link back to in the footer remains intact. Use it for all of your owned or co-owned sites, but don’t give it away if you adopt the site out or sell it.