New Affiliationally Version 1.4

I added a new Affiliationally version. Please update immediately, because it contains also a security update. For update, do a backup of the old folder, unzip + upload the new folder, re-add the info to the config and re-add the images to the images folder (the new one also contains a htaccess file, so don’t just replace the whole folder!).

Download from the scripts page.


  • Monique says:

    I am updating now, I love the new layout!

  • David says:

    Always use this script!

  • Gaby says:

    Hi. Ever since the update, I can’t edit the affiliates anymore. I go to the proper place, edit as I normally would, but when I save, I get an “EDITED AFFILIATE” header message, but the changes won’t appear on the site. I’ve tried clearing the cache and everything, but it just won’t work. Where can I manually edit the name of an affiliate?

    • inspirationally says:

      Congratulations, Gaby! You have found a little bug 😉
      You are allowed to keep it, or download the bugfix version 1.4.3 I just uploaded at the Scripts page.
      Replacing the index.php is enough.
      Thanks for the find!!

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