Inspirationally Universal Coppermine Theme

This Coppermine Theme is no complete Theme on its own, but reads out the WordPress theme automatically every hour (time span can be changed), including Header, Navigation, Sidebar Widgets (optional) and Footer, and saves this as a template. It does only work with one of the Inspirationally WordPress Themes!

The Style is already in the Inspirationally WordPress theme’s stylesheet, so you need this Coppermine Theme just one single time and it’ll work for every WordPress theme you order from here.

What does it do?
It grabs the current WordPress layout, replaces the WordPress content section with the Coppermine content section, includes the Coppermine functions into the header, and saves this as template.html.

For installation, open the theme.php and edit at least second line to fit your WordPress blog url (main site url). You can also chose wether to display the sidebar and if there should be the coppermine navigation inside the content field (not required if you add the navi in your WordPress settings).

For additional $9.50, I can also edit your (non-inspirationally) WordPress theme to work with this Coppermine theme.

This is still experimental, so I cannot guarantee it works on every server, so I grant money back within a week if it doesn’t work and I cannot help you to get it up.


Release date:June 8, 2018
Last updated:June 8, 2018
Current version:1.0
Product type:Coppermine Theme