there are a few simple rules to join this fanlisting, please read carefully. If you join fanlistings the whole day and know the usual rules, just join, no special conditions here.

  1. be a fan of Tyrion Lannister. Why elso should you join a fanlisting for this subject?
  2. please do NOT join it just to ask me "where do I get the movie, something about..." - I won't answer, and will just add you to the list.
  3. you do NOT need to have a website to join. IF you have one I appreciate it, if you could add a link back with one of those codes from the codes section. I might not list it however, if I think it is unappropriate.
  4. Join with your real name, or at least with a plausible nickname!
  5. You HAVE to offer your REAL email address, so that I can write you, when I move the fanlisting. You can opt to hide it, so that only I can see it. You can be sure I will use it only for such purposes.
  6. You have to live in a country ;-)
  7. Of course it does not cost anything to is just a list of fans.