about Yoda

Yoda...that's the green little guy in the header above. He's not only extremly good looking, he's as well the wisest, coolest, funniest and (on the light side) strongest guy in the galaxy...oh, and with 66 centimeters the shortest of course...
The past of Yoda lies in the dark. Not on the dark side...tentatively...it is just unknown where Yoda is from, what his species is and how old exactly he is, but it Return of the Jedi he lived at about 900 years as he says.
In the SW Tales #16, a Comic, but not official, only Infinities, which play at about 700 years before the Star Wars movies, they say his first name: Minch - if this counts as well for the official Star Wars universe is not known.
The only other things known of his past is that he has been a Jedi master for hundreds of years - when he was at about 700 years old, he already served on a council of Jedi masters and instructed young students aboard the training ship Chu'unthor, which crashed onto the planet Dathomir and was attacked by the darksided Nightsisters. He was a teacher to the Gannathan royal King Empatojayos Brand and Qu Rahn. And he fought the Dark Jedi from the planet Bpfassh on the planet Dagobah who died in the near of that tree Luke had to get in and formed a dark side nexus.

Everything else we know of Yoda is from the movies and Clone Wars Series:
Yoda was - as wisest Jedi Master of all - part of the high Jedi Council on the planet Coruscant, and trained the little younglings. In the Clone Wars he fought side on side as General with the Clone Troopers and fought his former padawan Count Dooku - who could flee at the end.
After Order 66 was ordered by Palpatine....or should I say Darth Sidious...he survived on the planet Kashyyyk after he felt all the other Jedi (besides Obi-Wan) dying.
In a final fight he tried to attack Palpatine but he was not strong enought. So he went to exile onto the planet Dagobah, the same one he once fought that Dark Jedi.
Here he stayed for the rest of his life, only to teach Luke how to use the force for doing the last step in attacking the emperor.
At the end Yoda died with at about 900 years in his pug cave and became one with the force.