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This is Deep Blue, the fanlisting for Oceans / Sea.

There are so many different beautiful landscapes like mountains, lakes, rivers, deserts, ice on our planet earth. But covering 71% of the surface, nothing is as big, global and unexplored as the sea, the endless deep blue sea with its huge oceans, and nothing has ever been a more fascinating place to be. Ever since, people preferred the coast of the sea as their place to live, bringing not only food, a mild maritime climate, a natural border and a ship highway all over the globe, but also the feeling to be at a very special place on earth, where you cannot see the end and heaven meets the water.

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Sea and Oceans

"Sea" are all waters of our planet earth that surround the continents. It is one unique body of water, that covers nearly 71% of earth's surface. The flora of the seas is responsible for 70% of oxygen in the athmosphere. 96.5% of earth's water is in the sea, which you cannot drink because of the salinity.

"The Sea" is divided into the 5 oceans (Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, Arctic Ocean and Antarctic Ocean) and different smaller "seas", which can be marginal seas or inland seas.

Because of moon's gravity, all seas have tides (ebb and flood). In some areas, like Mediterranean sea and Baltic Sea, it is nearly unrecognizable, but in some areas flood tide can be 15 meters.

The ground of the sea is not flat, like a sunny beach may tell us. Link above sea level, there are mountains and vales (trenches). The Mariana Trench for example is at about 11 kilometers (36,000 feet) deep, far deeper than the Mount Everest is high.



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