about the relationship

Captain Jack Sparrow (played by Johnny Depp) and Commodore James Norrington (played by Jack Davenport) are both very important characters in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean - the Curse of the Black Pearl and maybe even the second and third part of the future PotC trilogy. At the beginning of the movie they are rivals, or more the whole movie except the very end. The commodore captures Captain Jack Sparrow several times, Jack Sparrow escapes the same number of times. And although the Commodore seems to be sometimes a little bit impressed he does not show it. He even calls Jack Sparrow the worst pirate he's ever seen. At the end Jack Sparrow can escape again and the Commodore lets him go instead of following him.

In part two James Norrington has lost his title as a commodore and is hanging around drunk in Tortuga...with the hope to get the title back one day. When Jack Sparrow and Gibbs are looking for a bigger crew to have together 100 souls for Davy Jones, as well Norrington joins the crew - with the plan to get his title back by taking the chest with Davy Jones heart and bringing the heart to the Royal Navy. And so he does. Jack and James do a long fight, Jack at the end gets the hearth, puts it in his dirt not reachable for Davy Jones, but James realizes what Jack did and in an unseen moment he takes the heart out...and brings it to Lord Beckett - while Jack is pulled down to the ground of the sea with the Black Pearl...from the huge kraken.

In part three, they sadly never meet again :-(

Save Norrington!!

You might have seen (I'm sure you did) Pirates of the Caribbean 3 - At World's end now and may also be disappointed about the fast and senseless and in no way heroic death of our dear James Norrington (and the missing scenes of our two favourite boys together). So please sign this petition, that in a possible fourth part they'll bring back our cute Commodore: SAVE NORRINGTON!