about the RotS Soundtrack

The soundtrack is the last of the six the great comoser John Williams made for the Star Wars Series - simply because it will be the last Star Wars Episode made by George Lucas. He did an awsome job.
My favourite song "Across the Stars" is mixed with Schindler's list and so became even more beautiful than in Episode 2. The new Episode 3 theme "Battle of heroes" is bombastic, I can't get enough from it. And you can nearly see, what happens at the end, because of possible spoilers I won't tell more - but I can tell you, that it made me having some tears running down my face. I just love it. All recent melodies are hidden somehow, but you only find them, when you know the music. But although he built them all in, it is most different to the other Star Wars soundtracks. So this is a really special one.

Album info

the composer: John Williams

the tracklist:
Disc: 1, the disc with the soundtrack itself:

1. Star Wars and The Revenge Of The Sith
2. Anakin's Dream
3. Battle Of The Heroes
4. Anakin's Betrayal
5. General Grievous
6. Palpatine's Teachings
7. Grievous and the Droids
8. Padme's Ruminations
9. Anakin vs. Obi-Wan
10. Anakin's Dark Deeds
11. Enter Lord Vader
12. The Immolation Scene
13. Grievous Speaks to Lord Sidious
14. The Birth Of The Twins and Padme's Destiny
15. A New Hope and End Credits

Disc: 2, a great journey through the Star Wars galaxy with the single themes made for Star Wars:

1. A Long Time Ago - 20th Century Fox Fanfare/Star Wars
2. Dark Forces Conspire - Duel of the Fates
3. A Hero Rises - Anakin's Theme
4. A Fateful Love - Across the Stars
5. A Hero Falls - Battle of the Heroes
6. An Empire Is Forged s
7. A Planet That Is Farthest From - The Dune Sea of Tatooine/Java Theme
8. An Unlikely Alliance - Binary Sunset/Cantina Band
9. A Defender Emerges - Princess Leia's Theme
10. A Daring Rescue - Ben's Death/The Fighter Attack
11. A Jedi Is Trained - Yoda's Theme
12. A Narrow Escape - The Asteroid Field
13. A Bond Unbroken - Luke and Leia I
14. A Sanctuary Moon - The Forest Battle
15. A Life Redeemed - Light of the Force
16. A New Day Dawns - Throne Room/Finale
17. New Day Dawns: Throne Room/Finale

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