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Oceans / Sea fanlisting

Buruma was so kind to let me adopt her Oceans / Sea fanlisting, which was a big surprise when I was gone to vacations for a week, because there’s nothing more beautiful on this planet and with being born very close to the sea I’m very attached to it and don’t feel home too far away from it. Here it is for you to join:

Deep Blue


Game of Thrones hype (fanlistings)

Within the last years, my favourite fandom has become Game of Thrones. I could not resist opening some related fanlistings for my most loved characters, actors + the outstanding soundtrack, and it was a great to work with all those beautiful pictures. I usually try to do something new on every fanlisting: parallax with pure css3/html5 and responsive design without breakpoints, but vw font sizes and background images of which the height and width depends on the browser size. See here and join:

Game of Thrones Soundtracks

Game of Thrones Soundtracks

Kit Harrington

Kit Harington

Jon Snow

Jon Snow

Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion Lannister


New Affiliationally Version 1.4

I added a new Affiliationally version. Please update immediately, because it contains also a security update. For update, do a backup of the old folder, unzip + upload the new folder, re-add the info to the config and re-add the images to the images folder (the new one also contains a htaccess file, so don’t just replace the whole folder!).

Download from the scripts page.

New Script & Layout

After all those years I finally had the time to convert my site to WordPress and upload a new layout.