This is Working out is incredibly boring, the fanlisting for Christian Bale Physical. Even if you don't like Christian Bale's acting abilites (though I think he's the best actor of his generation) you cannot deny he has the most incredible body of 'em all. If you like his body as I do, join this Physical fanlisting for him. Thanks a lot to Carina and Silence for helping me with the header image, made out of a mural battle of us three.

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This fanlisting has a total count of 23 members + 0 pending. It was last updated May 15, 2024. The fanlisting was opened February 8, 2009 and is approved by the Alter Listings Network. This fanlisting was made by Martina and is part of Inspirationally. This fanlisting was made by Martina and is part of Inspirationally.



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