Switching from Sellfy to Easy Digital Downloads

With selling some themes, scripts and plugins not to make a life, but to get in a bit of the domain and webspace costs of fansites and collectives, the fansites world was shocked, when sellfy introduced their new 15$ the month professional plan with the addition

P.S. Professional plan will apply to all new users right away. You will be able to enjoy the old pricing until the end of the year – Dec 31st, 2016 or upgrade at any time.

With 15$ being not even the revenue of a whole year this is of course insane and eliminates hobby theme/script coders from further participation there.

Which is the reason why I decided to switch to Easy Digital Downloads before the year ends and share with you how to do this. (more…)

Affiliationally WP Shortcodes

This is, additionally to the shortcodes section in your WordPress affiliationally section, a detailed description with examples of the Affiliationally shortcodes you can use in your site. (more…)

Affiliationally WP instructions (install, import and use)

Here some detailed instructions on how to install, import and use the Affiliationally WP plugin


Style Affiliationally WP

CSS Tricks

You can add css code to your theme’s style.css to style the affiliate links in a certain way. These are just some examples of what is possible, and it depends on your theme’s css to get them working. (more…)